Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Birthday
There is a special Birthday today
No big deal some may say
But, I know better than that
Because this is Jesus’ Birthday
He came into this world
On a cold winter's eve
But, soon, just second’s perhaps
He was lying in His Mothers' lap
I’m sure she was Mommy back then
She grew older and my how you did grow
She still held you so gently and tenderly
This woman your Mother you grew to know
You were her only son
Only your Father in Heaven could ever love you with more Joy
Oh and then there were the gifts
For this baby because he was a special baby boy
Years went so quickly by
From a baby to a man you did grow
Happy and yes such sad times you did see but
You have loved me through it all, this I surely know
You were a special baby
Sent for me from God above
You loved me so deep within your heart
With a most Perfect Love
And now, you are mine to cherish
As my Savior from above
I will always be thankful for
Your life You gave for me, so I would know Pure Love


©Dana Price

December, 25th, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Hard Lesson-Learned!
She was battered and bruised, when I came home from school
Mom stood in the doorway, eyes black
Swollen and sore, mopping blood from the floor
The result of my father's attack
When I cried and asked why
My Dad’s reply, "Your mother went crazy again"
I'd seen it before when I walked through the door
Their arguing led to mayhem
I was but four when I saw the first time
Dad put his fist(or worse) to mom's face
She'd bucked him before, she would do it no more
He would keep the bitch in her place
Mom hid it quite well, makeup covered the swell
And the black and blue marks that ensued
Only a couple good friends knew to what end
Mom's feelings toward dad had accrued
Once Dad’s attack took a broom to her back
Mom decided she'd had enough
"Touch me again and I'll kill you with my own hands
I won't take any more of your stuff"
Dad understood, mom meant to make good
On her threat if he touched her again
He could see in her eyes if there was a reprise
His life could come to an end
He really never kept his hands to himself, alcohol nor anger put on a shelf
Since everyday Mom would take it, give it, then stand her ground
I cannot forget, but I have one regret
That I never uttered a sound
Of protest or rage, for the war they would wage
Left me frightened, as any child would be
I hid from it all, ran to the ditch, or face to the wall
In a closet so I would not see
The lesson was tense, at my expense
But I learned quite well what would be
I vowed from the start, and I knew in my heart
This would never happen to me!!
© Dana Price
She Wants To Come Out And Play
"I want to come out and play today"
She asked me once again
"I want to come out and play today
Before the Sun comes to an end"
"I know you want me to be safe in here
I know you want no more hurt for me
But I want to come out and play today
You've hidden me for so long you see"
"I want to come out and play today
You promised me I wouldn't get hurt again
So I want to come out and play today
You promised me way back when"
" I want to come out and play today"
Her words ring in my ears, moment by moment
Is it really safe for her out here?
I have to wonder and I lament
I did say she could one day
Come out in the Sunlight and run and play
Now many years have passed
Do I dare let her come out to stay?
She was hurt so much, many times ago
I built her a place where only she and I know
Of Butterflies, and Fairies, Fantasy and Peace
Is it time now, do I dare let her go
She wishes for the Sunlight and warmth
To touch her little face
But can I protect her still
If I take her from this place
She tires so of living in the body of an adult
Maybe we will talk about it she and me
She cries to get out, to frolic and play
This small inner child, who in reality is Me!

© Dana Price

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Butterflies For Mother

Butterflies For Mother She had heard of tales of magic When only a child was she So one day she decided to go To find what she could see Her mother loved and wished for just one butterfly So she wanted to find for sure If this magical one did exist Maybe a butterfly or two she could lure Out of the cocoon that was safe Just maybe she could for her Find just one butterfly Would make her so happy for sure She walked far away Looking for just that one What she found she could not believe A kindly elder one she came upon "Oh, only one will never do" The gentle old soul spoke to her "This is for your mother This wish must be filled to the brim for her" With that the old one told her "Now close your eyes, think of that special one" So she did as the magical one said Just one she could not see but, hundreds all undone She thought how silly she must seem To the gentle, kind, old one But she kept still , eyes closed in thought Until she heard " Alright now, we are all done" "Open your eyes little one Your mother is waiting for you" Opening them slowly, she gasp and squealed Not one but, many more ( plus two ) She smiled and laughed with the kindly old one " A hundred butterflies for mother you could do " " No my little caring, loving one For your mother, there are a hundred and two" ©Dana Price

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HAND ME DOWNS I look around, what do I see A glorious change all around me Among the chaos of everyday life Something is happening with no effort or strife Summer's green, she is giving away Autumn comes in, she is starting today She takes the hand me down Green She turns it to Gold, Yellow, Red, oh what a scene I watch in awe, at the perfect dance As she changes the hues, in just a glance And now I see Yellow, Red, and Gold all around Yes, Autumn has done wonders, with her hand me downs My eyes can't believe, the beauty I see She dances for days, in sweet harmony Her clothes of Fall colors, glow all around But soon it is time, for her to hand them down As Winter walks in, with power and might She takes Autumn's colors, to a beautiful white The brilliance Winter shows, as she glitters and glows White glistens and glows, in a sparkling show Winter she dances, and twirls all aglow She sparkles, she glitters, my what a show She wants to stay longer, but knows time moves on Winter sees a tiny Pink bud, and knows she too must give up her hand me downs, and then be gone Yes, Spring has arrived, she takes Winter's white She turns her finery to Pink, Red, Lavender, oh what a sight Her dress of all colors, so many I'm in awe of her hues Yes, Spring is a Lady of colors, Yellows, Pinks, and Violet Blues She dances like a Princess In her gowns of many colors Not one yet does fade To see which is more beautiful, my eyes behold her parade And then among her colors, is a glorious scene Summer has arrived, in her beautiful Green Her leaves dark Green velvet, her grasses do grow But Spring's hand me downs, she still won't quite let go So they share for awhile And take that one chance Spring's colorful hues and Summer's Green Combine in a short dance But Summer wants her glory, as she warms more everyday Soon Summer's warmth is to great So Spring turns over her hand me downs And knowing she will return, goes softly on her way Again Summer bursts out In the rising Sun each day She dances in wheat fields And in flowered meadows that Spring left for her to play Summer sees children Splashing in her babbling brooks And she provides warmth, and a gentle breeze As she adores all their looks Then one day, a slight chill fills the air Summer then knows, the time has come to give up her gowns For Autumn to step into again And begin again, her colorful and majestic reign, in her bright hand me downs. © Dana Price

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Love Without Goodbye's
A lifetime filled with cheating hearts, all echo from my past,
The "promise true's" and "I love you’s," each one was meant to last.
So fine this line of sharing, built with honesty and trust,
Each vow now left inside my head, to slowly gather dust.
I struggle to tomorrow, searching hope, yet walking blind,
While broken dreams, and silent screams, play re-runs in my mind.
I try to shake, each past mistake, and meet what lies ahead,
While hearing cold reminders of these promises once said.
It’s hard to feel, what’s wrong from real, when shadows dim the light,
I close my eyes and dream a dream of heaven every night.
Is all I know, this history I hold a guiding hand?
These scars I show, a lesson that I yet don’t understand?
Another day awaits me, in this life I call my own,
A cruel delay frustrates me, as I face this world alone.
Let words once said, and tears long shed, rest peaceful in this heart,
I know the pain of love in vain, will always play its part.
With open arms I welcome what new dreams that may arise,
I only pray to find one day, a love without good-byes.
©Dana Price

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Endings Softly shining, true, love Falling, glowing, great, happiness, Slowly, sparkling, beautiful, butterflies Whispering, cascading, glistening, snow Lovingly, flowing, gentle, raindrops Is how it ends today.... ©Dana Price All Rights Reserved

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Deepest Love---Lost!!

A Deepest Love---Lost!!

He was born into poverty
On a dark Southern night
Tragedy had touched his life already
But he fought to hold on with all his might

Another baby like himself, lay by his side that night
But, went to Heaven to be with the Lord
Little did he know as he grew
One day he would be a "King", but scorned

He knew as he grew to be a man
Something was missing from his life
Except for the one, his Greatest Love
She was his 'Satin', she eased his strife

Now a man off to serve his country
His faithful followers all did cry
He promised he would return again
To stop the tears, they all did try

Tragedy struck his life again
Home he came brokenhearted
This "King" reduced to a child again
His tears would not stop, now started

His 'Satin', his Queen, had passed away
This "King" would never be the same
Without her in his life now
It all turned into a game

His love he gave to another
Called her his loving wife
But, even a child born to this "King"
Couldn't fill the void, 'Satin's' death left in his life

So it was, as time went on
Pain overtook his body and mind
The doctor became careless with the "King"
Pills for the pain, all over one could find

This "King" who was loved by millions
Let these people control his very being
Though he knew, he was on a downhill road
This "King" could not control this thing

One day he would be, in front of millions in love
Then he slept, days turned into the nights
This "King" was spiraling out of control
No one knew of his plight

A wife, divorced, a daughter of nine
Nothing could stop self-destruction
On he went, afterall he was "King"
Until one day, even with his power, nothing more could be done

At two seventeen, in the afternoon
On the same day his 'Satin' left this world
He too went to be with God above
And his story was all unfurled

" The King" was gone, on August 16th, 1977
The entire world cried oceans of tears
For no longer would we hear , nor see
The voice of Black Velvet, the perfect "King"
The ELVIS the world had loved for years....

©Dana Price

I seldom write a Preface or Postscript to my writing but, this year on January 8th, at 8:11PM he was born and would be 77. Today, August 16th, 2012 at 2:17PM , my Idol, "The King," will have been gone 35 years.This is my small tribute to him, my small way of saying....Thank you for the gift of You!!

Rest In Peace Elvis Arron PresleyJanuary 8th,1935-August 16th, 1977

Jessie Garron Presley( Twin Brother)January 8th, 1935- January 8th, 1935( Stillborn)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Her Forgetfulness Sea

Her Forgetfulness Sea

She would sit all by herself alone
See them fight all day and night
She would run and hide where they did not know
To find her, then she cried

Why did they do this to her
She did not know it was called abuse
She has so often wondered why
They had the alcohol for their excuse

So the little girl would go
To her magical place again
Only she knew where it was
She was with magical things in this land

She longed to be away from them
To know peace just for awhile
To be a Fairy and fly away
She just wanted to be what she was, a child

So she went and smiled for a little while
The things around her were so different there
She would play for as long as she could
Knowing not one worry or care

She would sit upon her rock
Watch the night's magic unfold around her
Laughing as a child should
Nothing would she try and blur

This was her place
Of tranquility and peacefulness
They could not touch her here
In her sanctuary of forgetfulness

She would have to go back she knew
But not right now you see
She was a fairy princess for awhile
Just the moon and magical things
In her 'forgetfulness sea'

©Dana Price

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



They gathered all of them
Famous and not so alike
They had something in common
The elders and the little tike

Their differences not so much
On this day
They were not famous or peasants
Had alot in common, some would say

Their common bond this day
Was really quite simple
Coming together each one
Some to talk and some to lull

But in the end, they shared
Each in their own way
The famous, and not, mother and son, the lot
They supped together that day

Maybe not all alike
But, not so different too
Just human beings in this world
Much like me and you.

© Dana Price

Thursday, July 5, 2012



As I sat by that Waterfall
I felt a peace within
Something that is most times elusive to me
Until I pick up my pen
The feelings come, a life of their own
They bring mystical, magical things
As if I finally have found a home
In these magical thoughts that cling
Freely the thoughts and words come
Another world I enter into
A world with only Love
Fairies, flowers and roses sweet dew
The magic from the pen flows
Takes me far, far away
To castles, knights and unicorns
In the twilight of the day
Clouds softly float
So high above this place
I never want to go back
You see, I have never felt so safe
Then gentle raindrops start
To fall gently from the sky
As a child would I embrace them
As twin rainbows form, I want to fly
Alas I know, it cannot be
I realize this but, I start to sing
In my place of tranquility
In my fantasy land I will stay awhile, it is all so Enchanting.

©Dana Price
All Rights Reserved

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bound By Love

Bound By Love

The ties that bind are not of steel,
Links of chain so cold to feel.
They are not made of leather bands,
Or silken ropes-binding hands.
They are not cuffs that click in place,
Of satin threads there's not a trace.
Not spreader bars, or restraints bought,
No man-made thing against which is fought.
Instead they come from in the heart,
Binding one right from the start.
Chains of loyalty true and strong,
Keeping one where they belong.
Ropes of truth, and threads of trust,
All these things, they are a must.
Roses all around will be
Forever until eternity
Cry to the angels up above,
We are
Bound By Honor-Bound By Love.

©Dana Price

Sunday, July 1, 2012



It streams across the sea upon my face
Softly outlining my being
The beam from the soft light, wisps up around me like an aura
Prisms of light dance in the mist
My eyes catch it and hold its radiance
Overwhelmed with its power,
Calling me with an irresistible melody of Hope
I have succumbed to its’ Beauty
The Moon has been my ally,
She gives me the power to feel my soul
She has helped me envelope it within my aura
My mind races with thoughts of Hope
I long for its’ contact, just to embrace
You see, Mother Luna has embraced me once again
Her charming and precious selflessness
She speaks of Love & Trust
The Moon is embracing me once again
And I look up and ask for my Hopes
This time to come true.

© Dana Price
All Rights Reserved

Friday, June 29, 2012


Less Dreaming,
More Creating
Always an ink stained world
Your dreams of escape
Self made nightmares
Every ray of light chased out by the shadows
Tell me of your broken soul
Of the release so desperately awaited
Let me take in your words
Sweep up the pieces of yourself
Place them in the garden of the mind
Open the shades for a glimmer of golden hope
Stop this cycle of self inflicted mutilation
Warm yourself in the sun
Let me help you stand
Take strength from the faith I have in you
Beauty suffers, but should never cry defeat
So, from the depths of your pain
Let the crimson bleed away
Leave a white dove
A new beginning
Of self creation

©Dana Price

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From Depths

From Depths

She gazes as the silence is
Her only companion it seems
Through these darkened, lonely nights
When nightmares are the only dreams

Wakened by sweat drenched screams once more
No one else can hear
Stay awake now, she tells herself
No want to once again face fear

In stifeled screams and sobs
Her mind tries to busy itself
To forget the long, dark moments
Though not enough books on the shelf

The thoughts begins to replace
The bitter tears again and now
The deep anger settles in once more
Begging for revenge somehow

Knowing it is not within herself
To inflict pain as it was done to her
Though she wonders how it would feel
To avenge herself, as it were

Pushing thoughts that feel so good
Aside for she knows to well
She could cause unbearable pain
Then watch as they suffered, all they made her feel

Looking out now through the window
Frantically searching the heavens afar
Seeking some kind of peace now maybe
Within one small twinkling star

Oh! The intensity of the star
She holds her breath now, with some delight
How it can transport her thoughts away so far
As she goes on alone gazing, through the night.....

© Dana Waldrip Price

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Haunted Heart

Haunted Heart

Thunder rumbles through the night

Like a love song in the wind

A faraway cry fills the air

From a heart that can not mend.


It sings a song of sorrow

As it rumbles through the midnight sky

It will haunt me forever

Of a love that just won't die.


The rain is pouring down to earth

Each drop a rain filled tear

It's a tragic haunting love song

It's all that I can hear.


My song floats there on high

Like a love song in the wind

Floating through the midnight sky

From my heart that just won't mend.


I have loved you for so long

Even though for so long, we have been apart

But you will always be

The shadow of my haunted heart.

© Dana Price

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A World That Will Never Be

A World That Will Never Be

This then, is the world of my dreams,
And nothing is quite the way it seems
At night, all the stars up in the sky
Reflect the wonder in my eyes
And time does not wait, but moves along
Leaves me here wondering what went wrong

Now this is the moment of my reality
A faint image remembered in harmony
With the sad song of my disillusion
Struck with a hard edge of confusion
It makes no sense to me, no reason or rhyme
This, the haunting melody of my lifetime

So this is the substance of my dreams
And a deeper meaning than ever it seems
The sun is out, but it's dark inside
This dream world where I try to hide
And the reality of my dreams, now dead
All I have to hold onto is a thread

Then this is the portent of my dreams
Strains of haunting music, captured scenes
From the dark depths of my memory
Fragments of my shattered philosophy
Echos of a voice that called to me
And the vision of a world, that will never be.....

©Dana Price



So many masks the actors wear
When practicing to deceive
People of their hurt and pain
Trying to make them believe
All is well can be heard
From lips parched with lies
Although no one would ever see
Even with the trained eye
Pain is hidden
Hurt unknown
No one will call them weak
So some wonder just how
One could master this feat
The masks of many colors
Aiding in their deceit...

©Dana Price

Sunday, May 27, 2012

She Dreamt She Was A Princess Her life started as Any child's does Loved by many Especially God Above Then circumstances tore away All of her happy days She did exactly as she was told Had to be done perfectly, in every way She never got to have a child's fun Work, chores and turmoil is all she knew She toiled many long hours a day But, she had her dreams that one day she prayed would come true She would do as they said to All of it without a word But, inside her mind they could not get So her dreams went unheard Sister's that were favored over her They got all they wanted and more While she, just a baby herself Scrubbed, cleaned and dreamt some more She would watch them go Dressed in Gold and Silver they were Her in her rags for clothes she thought That would also be her The years went by To her chores she kept Scrubbing, cleaning, listening to them bicker Finally with her friends the birds, she sat and bitterly wept For only once she wanted to go To a grand ball where the Prince would be Her dreams through the years They all included he She would twirl and dance when she could While she was alone Pretending she was dancing with him The Prince before he married and was gone Then one night it happened, as once again she wept Her friends the birds started singing She looked up and saw her there In her beautiful gown so gleaming “You must hurry now" said the one Who visited her that night “Must not keep His Majesty waiting” Rubbing her eyes, she stood up, surely she was losing her sight It was her Fairy Godmother, she waved her wand All around her swirled a gown of white A carriage awaited her To take her to her most beautiful night She walked in, there was a hush That fell upon the crowd The Price saw this beautiful one He knew she would be his bride and, wear a Princesses' crown They danced all night together Not another did he even see There was no other now She was the only one, his Princess she would be Now you know the story Of the child who had nothing up to then This peasant girl married her Prince And taught us to keep dreaming our dreams And never give up on them.... ©Dana Price

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Wrong Turn/DNR

Mom, You Will Be Gone 14 Years Tomorrow At 2:20am...I Miss You So Very Much
The Wrong Turn
~ Bring out the candles on the cake,
the fanfare and confetti,
bright balloons that bob through
institutional smells,
strong and nauseous, never dying.
In the strength of sense making,
endless breakdowns,
Subtle pulsations, motion-sick swills,
contaminate the murky fusing,
eliminating reason.
~ I bring flowers for the living,
long breathy lyrics to fill the stillness,
a smile painted in place.
All around me faces from faded photographs,
filmy eyes frosted, cold.
Credulously the blister on my heel
becomes delicate pleasure,
proof that I can feel.
The icy ping hits me like a hailstorm.
I begin to cry,
"Where are you Mom,
I know you're in there"
Mom please tell me
you only took a wrong turn
in this your last journey.
~ Some one please stop this

©Dana Price

May 19th, 1998
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order sits on the table in front of me.The ink pen beside it almost looks like it says Not Erasable on it. The decision has to be made (even though it was agreed upon months before this, in depth with the patient herself). But then a week ago she stated in her slurred speech that she needed time to think about it again. I wondered, did she have time? In this case we were told by the doctor, “if you need more time, a Full Code Order (Take any measures to help one live no matter what) will be in effect until a firm decision is made and the papers signed." I agreed, after all this was my Mother here, although she was frail and drawn from months of suffering and pain caused by a third stroke in a year and a half, but she was still so mentally alert and bright in mind. The strokes had taken her body, but her mind was as clear as ever ( what a Curse). She was being fed liquid nourishment through a tube surgically implanted in her stomach. The intravenous fluids pumping into her through what seemed to be a thousand tubes and needles. Her lips and mouth parched and dry from having nothing by mouth for over 5 months although I moistened her mouth several times a day. She would cry out to me, the nurses, and anyone else to please let her have a sip of water. But we knew, if we did she could choke to death (maybe she did too as I look back now).Now I wonder if that would have been so wrong. At least she would die knowing how it felt to swallow again, and feel the cool water on her lips. No I told myself, you cannot play God. But I had prayed for so long for her just to be able to eat one more time, even if it was just strained baby food. Again I wrestled with my emotions. She was going to die anyway, why not with a little happiness of some kind. My thoughts were again interrupted by a nurse telling me she had to change my Mother's diaper. I called it a pad to try and relieve her humiliation, and restore some kind of dignity for her. But even that was to no avail. I could see the shame and embarrassment in her tired, sad, dimming eyes. Outside the door I could hear her cry and moan in pain from a back injury years before, as they turned and rolled her to clean her up and treat the bed sores they tried so valiantly to prevent. I thought to myself, "When I go back in I will give her a drop of water off of the swab sponge". But again I felt fear creep up inside my whole being. I could take the chance and maybe it would be okay. Or, maybe I would kill her by her choking on the cool liquid. My mind told me to go ahead. My heart ached as once more my mind turned to logic. Do I have this right? It's what she wants. She could not speak by now. Only the pleading in her dimming oil spot eyes, which were once a beautiful Hazel. Dear God, what was she asking of me? Only for a taste of water? Or was it an end to it all she was asking for? Okay I told myself, there is absolutely no quality to her life now as she lies here day in, day out. She was totally dependent on others for her very existence, and she was so fiercely independent all of her life. And, that's all it was, was existing, not living, never seeing daylight or nightfall, looking at the same ceiling, every minute of every day. Literally the same ceiling, as she could not turn her head at all now. So, why not? Once more my thoughts were interrupted by nurses coming to suction fluid from her lungs again. Again, I reminded myself, when God was ready for her, He would take her, it wasn't up to me. I felt so ashamed for thinking about it. It was only 3 days later, her temperature shot up to 106.2. She was gasping for air. They put an oxygen mask on her. I watched as she struggled to get a hand up to her face to remove the mask, not once, not twice, but so many times over and over again. Finally the doctor was kind enough to order nasal oxygen only. Thank God, no mask. Was this an answer to one of my prayers? Then her blood pressure dropped to an almost fatal level, but still she continued to fight for every breath and kept on the battle. She was getting cyanotic now, her feet blue up to her chest. Her skin was like ice, even with the fever. The gasping grew more intense, and I saw every muscle in her body in knots. This was it, I had to remove the oxygen, and she was suffocating anyway. I could make it quicker for her. A nurse came in, she told me it was only a matter of time now, at best a few hours if even that. The word 'hours' might as well have been 'eternity' to me at that moment. I told the nurse to leave the room. She said she could not allow me to do this, but yes, she would leave us. Finally she told me the Do Not Resesutate was in effect. That didn't help the way I saw my Mother as I stood there beside her. Her suffering, fighting, gasping, and losing her battle slowly. The nurse then left us. Now was my chance. I told my Mother I loved her so much, I kissed her twisted, distorted face and reached for the oxygen tank. It was in my hand, I held her hand in one of mine and her life in the other. Ok, I was ready now. Dear God, help me I am ready, are you? Is she? I fell to my knees, and asked for the strength to help her. I raised my head and through my tears I thought, God knows every gasp of air she is fighting for, it's not your place. Again I had decided I could not play God, no matter how bad I hurt inside and no matter how hard she had to fight. It was up to her and God now. I turned away to hide the tears, started to walk out of that room for a while, and as I looked back, I said what I knew would be my final goodbye to my Mother. 14 hours later she passed away into the arms of God finally. Could I have lived with myself if I had helped end her life? I will never be able to answer that question, only agonize over if I had done the right thing or not.
Cecilia Margaret Bates

February 3rd,1921--May 19th,1998

Rest In Peace Mom, and remember, I will never forget.

I Love You

Your Loving Daughter


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dreaming Again
I dream of you
In the stillness of the night
Your arms are the wind
Holding me tight
Whispering softly
Calling my name
It's your voice I hear, again and again
My heart is full, yet so empty too
Because the one thing I want and can not have is...

©Dana Price

All Rights Reserved

Monday, May 14, 2012



A Mask of many faces
I wear daily, second to second
Must not let anyone see
What is really going on, inside of me

I Fear, I can’t Cry
Then within I Scream
Why must I go through this Hell
So unfair it all seems

So I don a Mask
A new one it seems every hour
So no one sees
How these “things “hold over me, such power

How can I now Fear
The very things I have
For most of my Life
Loved and held so dear

These things are mine
Circumstances wrenched the happiness away
So I will wear another Mask
And with no sleep, face another day

Do the Masks really cover?
The Torment inside me
Or do they just camouflage
The Fear, Sadness, and Terror
That I feel Daily, but
I won't burden anyone else to see
©Dana Price

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Grandma I Remember


Grandma you were my Nonnie
Now I am a Nonnie too
Grandma, I remember
And I want to talk to you

I remember all the times
I spent at your house with you
And I know in my Heart
That you still remember too

This world, it took your mind
And The Lord took you home too
But nothing can erase
These memories in my Heart, of me and you

You see, I do today
What you did way back then
You taught me very well
Now I understand what being Nonnie means again

It means wiping tears away
From a hurting little face
And kissing a scratched up elbow
Nothing heals so fast, as a Nonnie kiss on that owie place

It also means playing games
Even when your busy or tired
That little one your playing with
Will give you strength, even bring you out of the mire

Nonnie's endure, No not endure
Nonnie really loves
To color for hours in coloring books
Oh, on that small face, those happy happy looks

And play Tic Tac Toe
And guessing games too
Grandma, I remember
And I'm doing the same, just like you

Saying prayers at bedtime
With a Heart so full of Love
And you know God hears you, and that little one
From His Heaven high above

Being a Nonnie,Grandma
How special, I never would have dreamed
But the memories, that little one will hold
Years from now, will be like yesterday it seems

Those memories can never be taken
From that little one, even when they are grown
These memories we are making now
Will always be their own

And when they are grown, and remember back
They will smile, and yes sometimes even cry
For those happy carefree times
That seemed to just fly by

But when they do think back
They will feel as I do now
Because Grandma I remember
And I want those times back somehow

But time almost sometimes
Seems to be a thief
Taking happy, carefree days away
Even causing some grief

So Grandma, I will do my best
To be a Nonnie who will listen and sit
Not rush around and be to busy
That way ,that little one will never forget

Yes Grandma, I remember
How much those times meant to you
And now those and these times
Mean so very much to me too

I'll make these memories happy ones
I'll take time to listen,play,and just sit
Yes Grandma, I remember
And I pray, they won't forget

Grandma, I remember you
And the things we did together
I want to be just like you
A Nonnie who will be remembered forever

So Grandma, I want to thank you
For being there with and for me
So one day in the future
These little ones of mine, will think back and see

I hope they will smile and think back
Of all the things we do
And maybe, just maybe
I will hear, "Nonnie I remember too”.

© Dana Price
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 Sides

2 Sides


Split down the middle, yet side by side

One stayed in a frenzy, the other one did glide

Day and night, there was no grey

Yes together, but apart they would stay

One moving forward, the other pushed behind

One seeing clearly, the other one blind

Tears apparent, as only One cried

Confusion noted, as one side held to lies

Selfishness found, on both sides at times

Both sides have practice, at being mimes

One felt much love, the other was shown rare

One wanted the Heart, that the other had to share

One hurt inside, and was bent with pain

The other says, “the past is to blame”

So the split stays apart, never again to be one

As one side grows too far, until there is none

Now one side gone, and one feels again complete

One did find, the match of defeat

Split down the middle now, two sides to never to see

One would be You, the other is Me


Dana Price