Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm Not A Statue

I am here, don't you see
I am living, I am still me
I hurt inside that you don't see
But I am living, I'm here, I am me

I am as a Statue to you
Like a granite entity
Don't I exist to you anymore?
But I am living, I'm here, I am me

Perfect I will never be
No one is, not even you, you see
Seems I am as a Statue to you
But I am living, I'm here, I am me

Why do you think I always have to be?
Happy and carefree, I have many worries
Seems I am a statue to you
But I am living, I'm here, I am me

You never anymore even notice me
The deep wounds I live with daily
Seems I am a statue to you
But I am living, I'm here, I am me

A statue only stands there
No words, no tears, no smile to see
Even a statue needs to be noticed and
I am living, I'm here, I am me

Middle of the dark night, now alone again
The ink from my pen bleeds out dry
How strange, I thought a statue
Couldn't write, or feel or cry

My tears again flow freely, now in the dark
My deepest pain and sorrow, no one sees
That I am not a statue, made of stone
I am living, I'm here, I am me.

©Dana Price

Monday, November 3, 2014

I wish everyday
The sky was clear blue
Then I wish for clouds
And raindrops too
Then after the rain
I wish for a rainbow's hues
To cover the Heavens
For the world to view
I wish for Peace
For all mankind
For days that are quiet
And nights that are kind
I wish for minds
Free of worry and fear
And hearts so gentle
To love and to cheer
I wish for wealth
No, not money or fame
Only for a wealth of happiness
Life is precious, not a game
But most of all
I wish for Love
A gentle touch, for all mankind
From God above

© Dana Price

November 4th, 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Men In Gucci Suits OR How I Watched America Die!

Some ask why I stay in a very small bubble
They question so much until I say
The other huge place you call society
I care not to be part of that decay
The darkened, ugly secrets
The corpses, dead , maggot ridden
Rotting, stinking, loathsome
That is this world today!
They cheer when we go to war
Go to the place of death, disease
Bravo to the ones who send
Them to the bloody, cockroach, stench filled gutter
It sickens me to watch you
Your cheers of glee and support
Nothing you would do yourself
Oh no, to that you wouldn't resort
But send in the band and ammo
Have no worries when you do
Drink another glass of Champagne
There in your Gucci suit
With your silver headed cane
There on the sidewalk you see
What you find so easy to ignore
The one who has been to where
Your first whore came from before
The only companion that will be seen tonight
Is laying right beside
Trying to get warm and keep
The one he loves warm too
You sicken me, all of you
Who turn your backs so easily on
The one who lays there, shivering or sweating
Who fought when ordered, from dark on through the dawn
Let sleeping does lie, is that what it is
You cowards, you filthy lying scum
Yet that one is proud, the medals say it's so
Trampled through a jungle or desert for you
Now you just forget them, let them go
Then send in the new dogs
The ones you haven't yet beaten down
If they make it back, bringing their own hell too
Again, you will turn your backs
That is just what you do
So, sleep with the blood and disease tonight
On your hands of which you pretend you don't know
May your flesh rot from your bones slowly
It's what you're doing to us, we can't even say No!
God help us all, for your mistakes
That we were not allowed to stop
I whisper a prayer that all of us
Will see your maggot ridden body finally drop!!

©Dana Price


Monday, September 29, 2014

Yes I am suffering from Depression/Anxiety/PTSD
No, it can not be cured
Yes, it hurts all over
No, I am not crazy
Yes, the physical pain also is real
No, it's not " just nerves"
Yes, it IS all in my brain chemicals and what has happened to me in my life
No, I have no control over those things
Yes, situations can make it worse
No, I can't just " get over it "
Yes, I can fight it and do every minute of every day
No, you can not " cure " heart disease
Yes, at times you can make it a little better
No, you can not cure Depression and Mental Illness
Yes, you will always be predisposed to it once you've had it
No, it will never truly be " cured "
Yes, I want more than anything for you to understand
No, I can not make you educate yourselves
Yes, I can ignore your ignorance if you don't
No, I won't respect your decision not to educate yourselves
Yes, I will probably withdraw from you
No, I will never hate you
Yes, I can dislike your decision
No, I do not like your ignoance
Yes, I can distance myself from you
No, I really don't want to
Yes, I have to due to your sometimes hurtful words and ways
No, I don't like to do it
Yes, I will for my own protection from your negativity
No, I don't need that, I deal with enough of it within my mind
Yes, I will continue this battle as bad as it hurts
No, you don't have to understand the change in me
Yes, there will be a change in me
No, you don't have to like it
Yes, I will fight for me now
No, I doubt if you will like the change
Yes, I will be the true ME now
No, I won't wear this mask any longer
Yes, I am tired of hiding my true feelings
No, I won't hide ME any more!
©Dana Price
Sept 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm Only Human

I'm only human
God made me so
I'm only human
It's so hard to let go
The hell in my life I have been through
The trauma is still there
I'm only human
I love, I trust, I care
I'm only human
I forget about me daily along the way
I'm only human
I have to dig deep for me, everyday
I'm only human
I have fears, and I am scared too
I am only human
I am no more nor less than you
I'm only human
Please don't tell me to "cheer up"
I'm only human
So much fills my cup
I'm only human
Trying to get it right
With God I know it's possible
To continue this fight, with all my might
I'm only human
Can't just make 'it' just go away
I'm only human
A child afraid still
I'm only human
An angry child, exposed so young to many horror's
So for me you see
I'm only human
And "it" is Never Over!

©Dana Price


Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Look Back To Now

Looking back over yesteryear
I often wonder why
Thoughts of happiness
Bring tears stinging hard
Is it the innocence of times?
Were the fields so green?
Running, playing, laughing
That never was, that sadden
Today let's run
Laugh at silly things
Make our own memories
Today while fields are still green...

©Dana E Price

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Paradise In The Sky

Can you hear the wish I make each night
While I gaze at my shining star
Do you know my voice, or feel my hearts touch
Whether I am near or far
Everywhere within my realm
Do you sense me wanting to be near
I fill the very sky around me with
My wishes, my dreams and my fears
Watching the moon, so beautiful, so full
Draped in its shadowy lace
Then very soon, right before my eyes
It's face becomes your face
I sit awhile, upon a cloud in my mind
To hold your memory near
Gentle breezes all about
Are whispers in my ear
Sweet are the thoughts I think now
So genuine is my smile
I want to steal your heart away
So we can dream together for awhile
I send my drape of the Moon and Stars
And invisible wings you can borrow
Then you can fly above the Earth
Where there is no tomorrow
Then if maybe you see me there
Maybe hear my gentle tune
You will find my Paradise way up here
First left turn just past the Moon.

©Dana Price

All Rights Reserved

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A P O L O G E T I C?

A P O L O G E T I C?

Why does it always seem
That I am saying I'm sorry, I failed
When it is other people that
Need to step back and take a hard look at themselves

No, you sure are not perfect
You have problems too
I just choose not to hide mine
Hide, Oh Hide like you!

Oh I used to hide
A long time ago
It got tiring and was to hard
I finally stopped and so

Don’t you dare condemn me
For the way I am today
You are so imperfect
In so very many ways!

Step back, take a look
At the you of today
Then I dare you to belittle anyone
Everything has been handed to you, in your way!

Well, well, you won't like this but
It stops, here and now
Find your own way you self-centered ass
Let's see how good you do all alone this time, now!!!

©Dana Price


Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Battle Won

I heard it in the distance
One clear and starry eve
Wondered what it was
That was hissing and screeching, carried on the breeze

I felt an icy chill
Come over me, that's when
I begged for some sort of magic
To take it away I thought, this awful howling wind

Then I saw it happening
Before my very eyes
A Wizard and A Dragon
Locked in battle, one would meet demise

The Dragon had tried his patience again
The Wizard would have no more
The old Wizard still did not know
What the Dragon hated him for

You see this was not the first time
These two warriors had met
Many years had seen them battle
Neither winning this war yet

But this night would be different
I could tell from my hiding place
That the old Wizard was determined to win tonight
I saw it on his face

He gathered all his magic this time
He would defeat the Dragon this night
The old Wizard was tired of wondering
Why for years this fight

The Dragon always came
When the old man was feeling so low
He wondered why that always was
Did the Dragon think he would then deal his final blow

He was weary of this battle of years
Something else was on his mind
Thoughts of one he had lost, many years before
His fault he thought, because he was one of his own kind

Then he heard the Dragon's roar again
Almost sorrowful he had thought
Again he thought of the one he lost
Whose life he could not save, that fateful night he fought

But enough of this, he was so tired
Tonight his best magic he would use
He went and met the Dragon again
Tonight he would not lose

Then tears welled in his eyes, thinking "tonight it is done"
The Dragon stopped hissing, and began also to cry
In that moment they both realized, he was the one years ago lost
Not dead but a Dragon, a spell put upon
He was the old Wizard's son....

©Dana Price