Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Birthday
There is a special Birthday today
No big deal some may say
But, I know better than that
Because this is Jesus’ Birthday
He came into this world
On a cold winter's eve
But, soon, just second’s perhaps
He was lying in His Mothers' lap
I’m sure she was Mommy back then
She grew older and my how you did grow
She still held you so gently and tenderly
This woman your Mother you grew to know
You were her only son
Only your Father in Heaven could ever love you with more Joy
Oh and then there were the gifts
For this baby because he was a special baby boy
Years went so quickly by
From a baby to a man you did grow
Happy and yes such sad times you did see but
You have loved me through it all, this I surely know
You were a special baby
Sent for me from God above
You loved me so deep within your heart
With a most Perfect Love
And now, you are mine to cherish
As my Savior from above
I will always be thankful for
Your life You gave for me, so I would know Pure Love


©Dana Price

December, 25th, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Hard Lesson-Learned!
She was battered and bruised, when I came home from school
Mom stood in the doorway, eyes black
Swollen and sore, mopping blood from the floor
The result of my father's attack
When I cried and asked why
My Dad’s reply, "Your mother went crazy again"
I'd seen it before when I walked through the door
Their arguing led to mayhem
I was but four when I saw the first time
Dad put his fist(or worse) to mom's face
She'd bucked him before, she would do it no more
He would keep the bitch in her place
Mom hid it quite well, makeup covered the swell
And the black and blue marks that ensued
Only a couple good friends knew to what end
Mom's feelings toward dad had accrued
Once Dad’s attack took a broom to her back
Mom decided she'd had enough
"Touch me again and I'll kill you with my own hands
I won't take any more of your stuff"
Dad understood, mom meant to make good
On her threat if he touched her again
He could see in her eyes if there was a reprise
His life could come to an end
He really never kept his hands to himself, alcohol nor anger put on a shelf
Since everyday Mom would take it, give it, then stand her ground
I cannot forget, but I have one regret
That I never uttered a sound
Of protest or rage, for the war they would wage
Left me frightened, as any child would be
I hid from it all, ran to the ditch, or face to the wall
In a closet so I would not see
The lesson was tense, at my expense
But I learned quite well what would be
I vowed from the start, and I knew in my heart
This would never happen to me!!
© Dana Price
She Wants To Come Out And Play
"I want to come out and play today"
She asked me once again
"I want to come out and play today
Before the Sun comes to an end"
"I know you want me to be safe in here
I know you want no more hurt for me
But I want to come out and play today
You've hidden me for so long you see"
"I want to come out and play today
You promised me I wouldn't get hurt again
So I want to come out and play today
You promised me way back when"
" I want to come out and play today"
Her words ring in my ears, moment by moment
Is it really safe for her out here?
I have to wonder and I lament
I did say she could one day
Come out in the Sunlight and run and play
Now many years have passed
Do I dare let her come out to stay?
She was hurt so much, many times ago
I built her a place where only she and I know
Of Butterflies, and Fairies, Fantasy and Peace
Is it time now, do I dare let her go
She wishes for the Sunlight and warmth
To touch her little face
But can I protect her still
If I take her from this place
She tires so of living in the body of an adult
Maybe we will talk about it she and me
She cries to get out, to frolic and play
This small inner child, who in reality is Me!

© Dana Price

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Butterflies For Mother

Butterflies For Mother She had heard of tales of magic When only a child was she So one day she decided to go To find what she could see Her mother loved and wished for just one butterfly So she wanted to find for sure If this magical one did exist Maybe a butterfly or two she could lure Out of the cocoon that was safe Just maybe she could for her Find just one butterfly Would make her so happy for sure She walked far away Looking for just that one What she found she could not believe A kindly elder one she came upon "Oh, only one will never do" The gentle old soul spoke to her "This is for your mother This wish must be filled to the brim for her" With that the old one told her "Now close your eyes, think of that special one" So she did as the magical one said Just one she could not see but, hundreds all undone She thought how silly she must seem To the gentle, kind, old one But she kept still , eyes closed in thought Until she heard " Alright now, we are all done" "Open your eyes little one Your mother is waiting for you" Opening them slowly, she gasp and squealed Not one but, many more ( plus two ) She smiled and laughed with the kindly old one " A hundred butterflies for mother you could do " " No my little caring, loving one For your mother, there are a hundred and two" ©Dana Price