Friday, August 3, 2012

Her Forgetfulness Sea

Her Forgetfulness Sea

She would sit all by herself alone
See them fight all day and night
She would run and hide where they did not know
To find her, then she cried

Why did they do this to her
She did not know it was called abuse
She has so often wondered why
They had the alcohol for their excuse

So the little girl would go
To her magical place again
Only she knew where it was
She was with magical things in this land

She longed to be away from them
To know peace just for awhile
To be a Fairy and fly away
She just wanted to be what she was, a child

So she went and smiled for a little while
The things around her were so different there
She would play for as long as she could
Knowing not one worry or care

She would sit upon her rock
Watch the night's magic unfold around her
Laughing as a child should
Nothing would she try and blur

This was her place
Of tranquility and peacefulness
They could not touch her here
In her sanctuary of forgetfulness

She would have to go back she knew
But not right now you see
She was a fairy princess for awhile
Just the moon and magical things
In her 'forgetfulness sea'

©Dana Price


Lucy Martins said...

Bravo Dana, great write ~

Dana Price said...

Thank you hon ♥