Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 Sides

2 Sides


Split down the middle, yet side by side

One stayed in a frenzy, the other one did glide

Day and night, there was no grey

Yes together, but apart they would stay

One moving forward, the other pushed behind

One seeing clearly, the other one blind

Tears apparent, as only One cried

Confusion noted, as one side held to lies

Selfishness found, on both sides at times

Both sides have practice, at being mimes

One felt much love, the other was shown rare

One wanted the Heart, that the other had to share

One hurt inside, and was bent with pain

The other says, “the past is to blame”

So the split stays apart, never again to be one

As one side grows too far, until there is none

Now one side gone, and one feels again complete

One did find, the match of defeat

Split down the middle now, two sides to never to see

One would be You, the other is Me


Dana Price