Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HAND ME DOWNS I look around, what do I see A glorious change all around me Among the chaos of everyday life Something is happening with no effort or strife Summer's green, she is giving away Autumn comes in, she is starting today She takes the hand me down Green She turns it to Gold, Yellow, Red, oh what a scene I watch in awe, at the perfect dance As she changes the hues, in just a glance And now I see Yellow, Red, and Gold all around Yes, Autumn has done wonders, with her hand me downs My eyes can't believe, the beauty I see She dances for days, in sweet harmony Her clothes of Fall colors, glow all around But soon it is time, for her to hand them down As Winter walks in, with power and might She takes Autumn's colors, to a beautiful white The brilliance Winter shows, as she glitters and glows White glistens and glows, in a sparkling show Winter she dances, and twirls all aglow She sparkles, she glitters, my what a show She wants to stay longer, but knows time moves on Winter sees a tiny Pink bud, and knows she too must give up her hand me downs, and then be gone Yes, Spring has arrived, she takes Winter's white She turns her finery to Pink, Red, Lavender, oh what a sight Her dress of all colors, so many I'm in awe of her hues Yes, Spring is a Lady of colors, Yellows, Pinks, and Violet Blues She dances like a Princess In her gowns of many colors Not one yet does fade To see which is more beautiful, my eyes behold her parade And then among her colors, is a glorious scene Summer has arrived, in her beautiful Green Her leaves dark Green velvet, her grasses do grow But Spring's hand me downs, she still won't quite let go So they share for awhile And take that one chance Spring's colorful hues and Summer's Green Combine in a short dance But Summer wants her glory, as she warms more everyday Soon Summer's warmth is to great So Spring turns over her hand me downs And knowing she will return, goes softly on her way Again Summer bursts out In the rising Sun each day She dances in wheat fields And in flowered meadows that Spring left for her to play Summer sees children Splashing in her babbling brooks And she provides warmth, and a gentle breeze As she adores all their looks Then one day, a slight chill fills the air Summer then knows, the time has come to give up her gowns For Autumn to step into again And begin again, her colorful and majestic reign, in her bright hand me downs. © Dana Price