Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Birthday
There is a special Birthday today
No big deal some may say
But, I know better than that
Because this is Jesus’ Birthday
He came into this world
On a cold winter's eve
But, soon, just second’s perhaps
He was lying in His Mothers' lap
I’m sure she was Mommy back then
She grew older and my how you did grow
She still held you so gently and tenderly
This woman your Mother you grew to know
You were her only son
Only your Father in Heaven could ever love you with more Joy
Oh and then there were the gifts
For this baby because he was a special baby boy
Years went so quickly by
From a baby to a man you did grow
Happy and yes such sad times you did see but
You have loved me through it all, this I surely know
You were a special baby
Sent for me from God above
You loved me so deep within your heart
With a most Perfect Love
And now, you are mine to cherish
As my Savior from above
I will always be thankful for
Your life You gave for me, so I would know Pure Love


©Dana Price

December, 25th, 2012

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