Thursday, June 14, 2012

A World That Will Never Be

A World That Will Never Be

This then, is the world of my dreams,
And nothing is quite the way it seems
At night, all the stars up in the sky
Reflect the wonder in my eyes
And time does not wait, but moves along
Leaves me here wondering what went wrong

Now this is the moment of my reality
A faint image remembered in harmony
With the sad song of my disillusion
Struck with a hard edge of confusion
It makes no sense to me, no reason or rhyme
This, the haunting melody of my lifetime

So this is the substance of my dreams
And a deeper meaning than ever it seems
The sun is out, but it's dark inside
This dream world where I try to hide
And the reality of my dreams, now dead
All I have to hold onto is a thread

Then this is the portent of my dreams
Strains of haunting music, captured scenes
From the dark depths of my memory
Fragments of my shattered philosophy
Echos of a voice that called to me
And the vision of a world, that will never be.....

©Dana Price

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