Sunday, July 1, 2012



It streams across the sea upon my face
Softly outlining my being
The beam from the soft light, wisps up around me like an aura
Prisms of light dance in the mist
My eyes catch it and hold its radiance
Overwhelmed with its power,
Calling me with an irresistible melody of Hope
I have succumbed to its’ Beauty
The Moon has been my ally,
She gives me the power to feel my soul
She has helped me envelope it within my aura
My mind races with thoughts of Hope
I long for its’ contact, just to embrace
You see, Mother Luna has embraced me once again
Her charming and precious selflessness
She speaks of Love & Trust
The Moon is embracing me once again
And I look up and ask for my Hopes
This time to come true.

© Dana Price
All Rights Reserved


Robert Wilson said...

very beautiful!

Dana .Price said...

Thank you Bobby...How have you been my friend? You're to quiet these days ♥