Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From Depths

From Depths

She gazes as the silence is
Her only companion it seems
Through these darkened, lonely nights
When nightmares are the only dreams

Wakened by sweat drenched screams once more
No one else can hear
Stay awake now, she tells herself
No want to once again face fear

In stifeled screams and sobs
Her mind tries to busy itself
To forget the long, dark moments
Though not enough books on the shelf

The thoughts begins to replace
The bitter tears again and now
The deep anger settles in once more
Begging for revenge somehow

Knowing it is not within herself
To inflict pain as it was done to her
Though she wonders how it would feel
To avenge herself, as it were

Pushing thoughts that feel so good
Aside for she knows to well
She could cause unbearable pain
Then watch as they suffered, all they made her feel

Looking out now through the window
Frantically searching the heavens afar
Seeking some kind of peace now maybe
Within one small twinkling star

Oh! The intensity of the star
She holds her breath now, with some delight
How it can transport her thoughts away so far
As she goes on alone gazing, through the night.....

© Dana Waldrip Price