Wednesday, October 8, 2008


'Twas middle of night

Darkness set hours ago

The gray matter within the head

It will not slow

On and on thoughts wind around

Like a web so dense

Attaching itself firmly

To the mind's ground

Silently scream, can'st anyone hear?

The gray matter, it stills not

Adheres to the tangled web

Anxiety, Fear

Will the mind ever still?

Or go on

On into darkness

Entangled in screams

Non'st care to hear

From their slumber

Sound, peaceful


Tangled gray matter

The thoughts adhered firmly there

There is not time to rest it

Thoughts of this mess

Anxiety, Fear

'Twas days long ago

All was black and white

Now to be turned to thoughts Blood Red

In Darkness alone, Twilight

You see I fear not Darkness

'Tis it I Truly Love

Darkness covers my inward screaming

In the gray matter, web of trouble, confusion of

'Twas years now

Since quiet overtook

Then was simple to glide by

A most Tranquil Brook

Years have made a nest

Of disturbance in the Soul

Weaving round and round

Burning like hot, fiery coal

Quiet, be quiet it screams

From within

No one cares of your tangled gray matter

As out of control it spins

Head up, just smile

Non'st will be the wiser

They don’t want to see

The tangled mass in your mind

No compassion, unthoughtful

Only for them selves, some are selfish, cowards

Pain in the tangled web of gray matter

As real, More real

Than the aches, complained by them daily

Now I feel my own Compassion, sympathy gone

Why shall I bother the gray matter with “it” anymore?

I know now, I must take care of my own

Leave “it” to endure, alone!

Just that the gray matter, that haunts me, Fear

Cannot be seen, so real the Pain

No bandage to help, no pill to swallow

As others can to get relief, None!

Nothing to see to bandage

In the gray matter of tangled mass

So must surely be

They think they are much worse off

UNTRUE, oh selfish ones, UNTRUE

Use your pills,

Take your cure

Moan your pain

I cannot

As mine cannot be seen, no bandage

Therefore to you

A Non-Exist

One day maybe you too will know

The tangled mass of an Unknown Demon

One day, oh yes it shall

Be me, uncaring, no concern, Done!

So on and on, it races and hooks

To the thorns of the gray matter

All of me you all seem to