Monday, September 29, 2014

Yes I am suffering from Depression/Anxiety/PTSD
No, it can not be cured
Yes, it hurts all over
No, I am not crazy
Yes, the physical pain also is real
No, it's not " just nerves"
Yes, it IS all in my brain chemicals and what has happened to me in my life
No, I have no control over those things
Yes, situations can make it worse
No, I can't just " get over it "
Yes, I can fight it and do every minute of every day
No, you can not " cure " heart disease
Yes, at times you can make it a little better
No, you can not cure Depression and Mental Illness
Yes, you will always be predisposed to it once you've had it
No, it will never truly be " cured "
Yes, I want more than anything for you to understand
No, I can not make you educate yourselves
Yes, I can ignore your ignorance if you don't
No, I won't respect your decision not to educate yourselves
Yes, I will probably withdraw from you
No, I will never hate you
Yes, I can dislike your decision
No, I do not like your ignoance
Yes, I can distance myself from you
No, I really don't want to
Yes, I have to due to your sometimes hurtful words and ways
No, I don't like to do it
Yes, I will for my own protection from your negativity
No, I don't need that, I deal with enough of it within my mind
Yes, I will continue this battle as bad as it hurts
No, you don't have to understand the change in me
Yes, there will be a change in me
No, you don't have to like it
Yes, I will fight for me now
No, I doubt if you will like the change
Yes, I will be the true ME now
No, I won't wear this mask any longer
Yes, I am tired of hiding my true feelings
No, I won't hide ME any more!
©Dana Price
Sept 2014