Saturday, July 20, 2013

Out Of The Light, Once Again

You come so quietly, slyly
Like a stealth, out of sight
Sometimes even follows laughter, happiness
Just menial hours or minutes, before you start the fight
Your darkness descends, even in the bright sunlight
You have no regard for my smiles
Your only mission is to erase them
Making sure your presence is know for awhile
You tangle and weave your gnarly fingers
Through the gray matter within my head
Grabbing onto and destroying anything happy
There you take up residence, make your bed
Will you stay so long this time
That you will make the gray matter break
Or just long enough to amuse your ugly self, by watching me battle again
Fighting you for what is mine, that you so want to take
You and I have been on this battle field before
Oh so many times you know
I will put on my armor once again
Eventhough you exhaust me so
You know to well, I battle you alone
You think it's this time you will win
I am left to wonder, question my strength
Over and over again
One thing you have not stolen this time
I have my tears back now
They only push me on, to fight you hard
They are relieving somehow
So keep your gnarly fingers
Woven through my gray matter if you must
I will try to tear your grip down
Once again, on that you can trust
I will never wave that white flag again
Let you conquer me without a fight
So keep your hold tight
I whisper to myself, onward brave soul battle hard
Again I must face this plight
I look up, pray again once more
Grabbing onto my gray matter then
Fighting you on and on, with every fiber in my soul
I won't let you defeat me again
Demonic, devil, depression...I can not let you win!

©Dana E Price

July 20th, 2013