Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Deepest Love---Lost!!

A Deepest Love---Lost!!

He was born into poverty
On a dark Southern night
Tragedy had touched his life already
But he fought to hold on with all his might

Another baby like himself, lay by his side that night
But, went to Heaven to be with the Lord
Little did he know as he grew
One day he would be a "King", but scorned

He knew as he grew to be a man
Something was missing from his life
Except for the one, his Greatest Love
She was his 'Satin', she eased his strife

Now a man off to serve his country
His faithful followers all did cry
He promised he would return again
To stop the tears, they all did try

Tragedy struck his life again
Home he came brokenhearted
This "King" reduced to a child again
His tears would not stop, now started

His 'Satin', his Queen, had passed away
This "King" would never be the same
Without her in his life now
It all turned into a game

His love he gave to another
Called her his loving wife
But, even a child born to this "King"
Couldn't fill the void, 'Satin's' death left in his life

So it was, as time went on
Pain overtook his body and mind
The doctor became careless with the "King"
Pills for the pain, all over one could find

This "King" who was loved by millions
Let these people control his very being
Though he knew, he was on a downhill road
This "King" could not control this thing

One day he would be, in front of millions in love
Then he slept, days turned into the nights
This "King" was spiraling out of control
No one knew of his plight

A wife, divorced, a daughter of nine
Nothing could stop self-destruction
On he went, afterall he was "King"
Until one day, even with his power, nothing more could be done

At two seventeen, in the afternoon
On the same day his 'Satin' left this world
He too went to be with God above
And his story was all unfurled

" The King" was gone, on August 16th, 1977
The entire world cried oceans of tears
For no longer would we hear , nor see
The voice of Black Velvet, the perfect "King"
The ELVIS the world had loved for years....

©Dana Price

I seldom write a Preface or Postscript to my writing but, this year on January 8th, at 8:11PM he was born and would be 77. Today, August 16th, 2012 at 2:17PM , my Idol, "The King," will have been gone 35 years.This is my small tribute to him, my small way of saying....Thank you for the gift of You!!

Rest In Peace Elvis Arron PresleyJanuary 8th,1935-August 16th, 1977

Jessie Garron Presley( Twin Brother)January 8th, 1935- January 8th, 1935( Stillborn)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Her Forgetfulness Sea

Her Forgetfulness Sea

She would sit all by herself alone
See them fight all day and night
She would run and hide where they did not know
To find her, then she cried

Why did they do this to her
She did not know it was called abuse
She has so often wondered why
They had the alcohol for their excuse

So the little girl would go
To her magical place again
Only she knew where it was
She was with magical things in this land

She longed to be away from them
To know peace just for awhile
To be a Fairy and fly away
She just wanted to be what she was, a child

So she went and smiled for a little while
The things around her were so different there
She would play for as long as she could
Knowing not one worry or care

She would sit upon her rock
Watch the night's magic unfold around her
Laughing as a child should
Nothing would she try and blur

This was her place
Of tranquility and peacefulness
They could not touch her here
In her sanctuary of forgetfulness

She would have to go back she knew
But not right now you see
She was a fairy princess for awhile
Just the moon and magical things
In her 'forgetfulness sea'

©Dana Price