Thursday, March 20, 2014

Paradise In The Sky

Can you hear the wish I make each night
While I gaze at my shining star
Do you know my voice, or feel my hearts touch
Whether I am near or far
Everywhere within my realm
Do you sense me wanting to be near
I fill the very sky around me with
My wishes, my dreams and my fears
Watching the moon, so beautiful, so full
Draped in its shadowy lace
Then very soon, right before my eyes
It's face becomes your face
I sit awhile, upon a cloud in my mind
To hold your memory near
Gentle breezes all about
Are whispers in my ear
Sweet are the thoughts I think now
So genuine is my smile
I want to steal your heart away
So we can dream together for awhile
I send my drape of the Moon and Stars
And invisible wings you can borrow
Then you can fly above the Earth
Where there is no tomorrow
Then if maybe you see me there
Maybe hear my gentle tune
You will find my Paradise way up here
First left turn just past the Moon.

©Dana Price

All Rights Reserved

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A P O L O G E T I C?

A P O L O G E T I C?

Why does it always seem
That I am saying I'm sorry, I failed
When it is other people that
Need to step back and take a hard look at themselves

No, you sure are not perfect
You have problems too
I just choose not to hide mine
Hide, Oh Hide like you!

Oh I used to hide
A long time ago
It got tiring and was to hard
I finally stopped and so

Don’t you dare condemn me
For the way I am today
You are so imperfect
In so very many ways!

Step back, take a look
At the you of today
Then I dare you to belittle anyone
Everything has been handed to you, in your way!

Well, well, you won't like this but
It stops, here and now
Find your own way you self-centered ass
Let's see how good you do all alone this time, now!!!

©Dana Price