Monday, December 6, 2010

She Dreamt She Was A Princess

She Dreamt She Was A Princess

Her life started as
Any child's does
Loved by many
Especially God Above

Then circumstances tore away
All of her happy days
She did exactly as she was told
Had to be done perfectly, in every way

She never got to have a child's fun
Work, chores and turmoil is all she knew
She toiled many long hours a day
But, she had her dreams that one day she prayed would come true

She would do as they said to
All of it without a word
But, inside her mind they could not get
So her dreams went unheard

Sister's that were favored over her
They got all they wanted and more
While she, just a baby herself
Scrubbed, cleaned and dreampt some more

She would watch them go
Dressed in Gold and Silver they were
Her in her rags for clothes she thought
That would also be her

The years went by
To her chores she kept
Scrubbing, cleaning, listening to them bicker
Finally with her friends the birds, she sat and bitterly wept

For only once she wanted to go
To a grand ball where the Prince would be
Her dreams through the years
They all included he

She would twirl and dance when she could
While she was alone
Pretending she was dancing with him
The Prince before he married and was gone

Then one night it happened, as once again she wept
Her friends the birds started singing
She looked up and saw her there
In her beautiful gown so gleaming

" You must hurry now" said the one
Who visited her that night
" Must not keep His Majesty waiting "
Rubbing her eyes, she stood up, surely she was losing her sight

It was her Fairy Godmother, she waved her wand
All around her swirled a gown of white
A carriage awaited her
To take her to her most beautiful night

She walked in, there was a hush
That fell upon the crowd
The Price saw this beautiful one
He knew she would be his bride and, wear a Princesses' crown

They danced all night together
Not another did he even see
There was no other now
She was the only one, his Princess she would be

Now you know the story
Of the child who had nothing up to then
This peasent girl married her Prince
And taught us to keep dreaming our dreams
And never give up on them....

©Dana Price

Monday, November 29, 2010

Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose

Autumn sun shimmers
as late afternoon's red hue
casts romantic haze
over all I see
and remnants of a beautiful Rose
dictates my view
it's petals scattered
upon the Earth

I remember still
when she bloomed
with a Beauty that haunted
my Heart
and I was afraid
to cut her stem
in fear of losing
a friend

Yet Autumn comes
with Golden sun and stinging frosts
with a price so difficult
to comprehend

Only my tear remains
as a gorgeous petal
lays still on my palm
yet I will perserve
it's wonder
that I may evoke
the splendor
that melted my soul.
©Dana Price

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dead Or Alive

Dead or Alive?


Autumn is a wondering time

The leaves take turns, and they leave

They drop away, as if to Die

And yet the Tree still Breaths


Before they leave, they let me know

Of their presence, I take for granted

Crimson Red, Fiery Orange, Bright Yellow too

They make their statement “We are not dead “


They sway gently, in the Autumn breeze

And crisp, cool, morning’s dew

They seem to say “look at us now “

“We give this Beauty freely, just for you”


Soon, only the empty branches are left

Standing alone, dormant, empty now

I wonder if they are lonely and, sad

Then they seem to whisper, “Do not fret, you will see again somehow


Beautiful, as they appear

The tree’s leaves, of radiant hue

I think I hear them tell me

“I do this all for you”


I do not understand why

They have to go away, so sad

Then I remember, they do come again

Something beautiful, from what I thought was bad


So for now, in the dawn’s first light

I will watch sadly, as the leaves fall away

Knowing in their seeming Death

Again, they will live in time, have hope, I make myself say


This thing called Nature, which God gave to me

Is Mysterious at best, you see

Just when I think, all is hopelessly Dead

In Springtime it all comes back, in its Beautiful Glory to me.

© Dana Price

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fantasy In The Forest

I walked in the Forest tonight. Twilight was kissing the sky. I walked among the green trees and flowers so beautiful I can not describe. The last Golden, Magenta rays of the setting Sun, danced off of my hair and the beautiful leaves. Then I heard it. The distinct sound of footsteps behind me. I turned and looked. It was him. He touched my cheek so gently as he stroked my face. I bowed my head-almost shyly-but he lifted my chin to look deeply into his piercing eyes. His smile was so gentle and sincere, it engulfed my entire being. He pulled me to him gently. His lips touched mine with a feeling I had never known before. His lips found my neck. My head now back-the safety of his touch, made me feel as if I was wrapped in a blanket of protection. He smiled gently, and asked if I was afraid. I said "No". Again, that smile. His eyes twinkled as his gentle hands found the first strap of my flowing dress. With gentle expertise, he took away slowly and let fall to the ground, what had been covering my body. Totally consumed by him-he gently layed me back on the soft cushion bed of grass. My fingers found the buttons of his shirt. One by one until his chest was exposed to me. A small gasp escaped my lips. Then I slowly pushed it off his shoulders. My eyes followed my hands to first his chest, then his shoulders, his back, feeling his body tense ever so slightly. I touched each part that was now visible to me. I felt his hand on my inner thigh-as I felt my own body tense now. He gently kissed my thigh and found his way down to my ankle-then slowly back up again. I felt his lips close around my breast. Again, a gasp-more audible now, came from my lips. His touch was like no other. His manhood had grown, his breathing had quickened, as had my own. I felt myself engulfed in his heat as my passion grew quickly. My hips began to move toward his seeking hands. He stopped. What was wrong? What did I do? Nothing. He just quietly asked again if I was afraid and if I wanted him to stop. Oh dear God, I never wanted this to end. I pulled him to me and answered his question with no words-but a deep passionate kiss. His arms folded around me as he slowly, gently, entered me. Again, a moan rose from my lips. The very feel of him was again, like no other. The trees, the flowers, engulfed our bodies as we became one. The Moon was touching our bodies now as our passion grew. I pulled away gently and my mouth found his manhood. A gasp and a moan, now much more audible from him, as his body tensed again. I gently let my tongue tease him, as I smiled a mischievous smile. I heard his moans, now uncontrolled, as his body began to tremble. With one fluid movement, he was positioned so I too was fully available to him. His mouth found my own womanhood. Oh God, was this real or a beautiful Fairytale. He gently, at first, nibbled at me. Then in a swift move, his tongue was thrust deep into me. His manhood grew even more intense between my lips now but- in one gentle move he pulled me on top of me as he buried his manhood into me, we were breathless. His kisses were stronger now-as we were both lost in Ecstasy. The Moon touched his face. He was even more gorgeous than I thought, but that was not important. His eyes were filled with Desire- as were my own. We were hopelessly lost in our garden of Love, Passion, and we both felt Paradise. Our Hearts and Souls flowed together as if we both knew the others feelings. The sheer ecstasy, the passion, the desire, and the Love, I can not describe. Our breath was heavy, our bodies were spent. He took me gently in his arms and held me as if I had never been held before. He kissed my lips, my eyes, my face, covering me with soft gentle, sweet kisses. We both smiled. Then I heard it! The sound of water falling. I had not noticed it before this moment. Like a child, I jumped up and ran to the most beautiful Waterfall Pond I have ever seen. I jumped in and he followed me. We laughed and played and then- he pulled me to him, kissed my lips and told me that what we had was real. But- alas, we had to part for now. We both could feel and knew, we would be one again soon. A sweet goodnight kiss for his Princess-another for the man who had stolen my very being. And, yet I knew it would be safe with him- as would be my Heart, which I gave to him- and as his spirit is- which he left with me.

©Dana Price