Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Battle Won

I heard it in the distance
One clear and starry eve
Wondered what it was
That was hissing and screeching, carried on the breeze

I felt an icy chill
Come over me, that's when
I begged for some sort of magic
To take it away I thought, this awful howling wind

Then I saw it happening
Before my very eyes
A Wizard and A Dragon
Locked in battle, one would meet demise

The Dragon had tried his patience again
The Wizard would have no more
The old Wizard still did not know
What the Dragon hated him for

You see this was not the first time
These two warriors had met
Many years had seen them battle
Neither winning this war yet

But this night would be different
I could tell from my hiding place
That the old Wizard was determined to win tonight
I saw it on his face

He gathered all his magic this time
He would defeat the Dragon this night
The old Wizard was tired of wondering
Why for years this fight

The Dragon always came
When the old man was feeling so low
He wondered why that always was
Did the Dragon think he would then deal his final blow

He was weary of this battle of years
Something else was on his mind
Thoughts of one he had lost, many years before
His fault he thought, because he was one of his own kind

Then he heard the Dragon's roar again
Almost sorrowful he had thought
Again he thought of the one he lost
Whose life he could not save, that fateful night he fought

But enough of this, he was so tired
Tonight his best magic he would use
He went and met the Dragon again
Tonight he would not lose

Then tears welled in his eyes, thinking "tonight it is done"
The Dragon stopped hissing, and began also to cry
In that moment they both realized, he was the one years ago lost
Not dead but a Dragon, a spell put upon
He was the old Wizard's son....

©Dana Price