Sunday, May 13, 2012

Grandma I Remember


Grandma you were my Nonnie
Now I am a Nonnie too
Grandma, I remember
And I want to talk to you

I remember all the times
I spent at your house with you
And I know in my Heart
That you still remember too

This world, it took your mind
And The Lord took you home too
But nothing can erase
These memories in my Heart, of me and you

You see, I do today
What you did way back then
You taught me very well
Now I understand what being Nonnie means again

It means wiping tears away
From a hurting little face
And kissing a scratched up elbow
Nothing heals so fast, as a Nonnie kiss on that owie place

It also means playing games
Even when your busy or tired
That little one your playing with
Will give you strength, even bring you out of the mire

Nonnie's endure, No not endure
Nonnie really loves
To color for hours in coloring books
Oh, on that small face, those happy happy looks

And play Tic Tac Toe
And guessing games too
Grandma, I remember
And I'm doing the same, just like you

Saying prayers at bedtime
With a Heart so full of Love
And you know God hears you, and that little one
From His Heaven high above

Being a Nonnie,Grandma
How special, I never would have dreamed
But the memories, that little one will hold
Years from now, will be like yesterday it seems

Those memories can never be taken
From that little one, even when they are grown
These memories we are making now
Will always be their own

And when they are grown, and remember back
They will smile, and yes sometimes even cry
For those happy carefree times
That seemed to just fly by

But when they do think back
They will feel as I do now
Because Grandma I remember
And I want those times back somehow

But time almost sometimes
Seems to be a thief
Taking happy, carefree days away
Even causing some grief

So Grandma, I will do my best
To be a Nonnie who will listen and sit
Not rush around and be to busy
That way ,that little one will never forget

Yes Grandma, I remember
How much those times meant to you
And now those and these times
Mean so very much to me too

I'll make these memories happy ones
I'll take time to listen,play,and just sit
Yes Grandma, I remember
And I pray, they won't forget

Grandma, I remember you
And the things we did together
I want to be just like you
A Nonnie who will be remembered forever

So Grandma, I want to thank you
For being there with and for me
So one day in the future
These little ones of mine, will think back and see

I hope they will smile and think back
Of all the things we do
And maybe, just maybe
I will hear, "Nonnie I remember too”.

© Dana Price
All Rights Reserved