Monday, May 14, 2012



A Mask of many faces
I wear daily, second to second
Must not let anyone see
What is really going on, inside of me

I Fear, I can’t Cry
Then within I Scream
Why must I go through this Hell
So unfair it all seems

So I don a Mask
A new one it seems every hour
So no one sees
How these “things “hold over me, such power

How can I now Fear
The very things I have
For most of my Life
Loved and held so dear

These things are mine
Circumstances wrenched the happiness away
So I will wear another Mask
And with no sleep, face another day

Do the Masks really cover?
The Torment inside me
Or do they just camouflage
The Fear, Sadness, and Terror
That I feel Daily, but
I won't burden anyone else to see
©Dana Price

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