Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Men In Gucci Suits OR How I Watched America Die!

Some ask why I stay in a very small bubble
They question so much until I say
The other huge place you call society
I care not to be part of that decay
The darkened, ugly secrets
The corpses, dead , maggot ridden
Rotting, stinking, loathsome
That is this world today!
They cheer when we go to war
Go to the place of death, disease
Bravo to the ones who send
Them to the bloody, cockroach, stench filled gutter
It sickens me to watch you
Your cheers of glee and support
Nothing you would do yourself
Oh no, to that you wouldn't resort
But send in the band and ammo
Have no worries when you do
Drink another glass of Champagne
There in your Gucci suit
With your silver headed cane
There on the sidewalk you see
What you find so easy to ignore
The one who has been to where
Your first whore came from before
The only companion that will be seen tonight
Is laying right beside
Trying to get warm and keep
The one he loves warm too
You sicken me, all of you
Who turn your backs so easily on
The one who lays there, shivering or sweating
Who fought when ordered, from dark on through the dawn
Let sleeping does lie, is that what it is
You cowards, you filthy lying scum
Yet that one is proud, the medals say it's so
Trampled through a jungle or desert for you
Now you just forget them, let them go
Then send in the new dogs
The ones you haven't yet beaten down
If they make it back, bringing their own hell too
Again, you will turn your backs
That is just what you do
So, sleep with the blood and disease tonight
On your hands of which you pretend you don't know
May your flesh rot from your bones slowly
It's what you're doing to us, we can't even say No!
God help us all, for your mistakes
That we were not allowed to stop
I whisper a prayer that all of us
Will see your maggot ridden body finally drop!!

©Dana Price


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