Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Dream, The Dress and The Rainbow Bridge

The Dress would flow around her as
She walked and danced across that bridge
It was just what she wanted, Perfect, in every way
And it was just beyond the ridge

Oh it was so beautiful you see
Her sanctuary she had built, Tranquility
To get to it she would have to cross
That bridge that turned her Dream to Reality

Yes, the dress was flowing all around her as
She embarked on her journey
With every step she knew that soon
It would happen, just as she wanted it to be

She was but a child, the first time she crossed
And saw what happened then
She danced, and twirled, and lightly stepped upon
Her Rainbow Bridge, she had never been

The first step was Vivid Red,
Then next a Brilliant Orange hue
Then came sunny Yellow
Next a soft Sky Blue

Her next step brought healing Green
Then Deep Royal Purple, almost there
As she stepped and twirled, the Dress would change
To each Color she passed through, without a care

Finally it happened, almost missed by her
The last and final color, as she gently stepped
Soft breezes making the dress and her hair blow softly
As into her innermost self she leapt

It was a Royal Violet,
This deepest part of herself
Then she stepped off that Rainbow Bridge
Into this world she had created, her own hurts for to squelch

That Dress blew softly, perfectly
As she sang and danced with glee
Adorned with every color of that Rainbow Bridge
Throughout, just what she wanted you see

Her Sanctuary, she built it well
Escape to it inner little one
Butterflies, Flowers and Waterfall Ponds
It was so perfectly done

Years pass on, I am older now
Never will my Dress, or Rainbow Bridge go unseen
But only by me, no other will see
That Dress, the Rainbow Bridge
And the Magic of
The Dream...........

©Dana Price

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