Monday, December 6, 2010

She Dreamt She Was A Princess

She Dreamt She Was A Princess

Her life started as
Any child's does
Loved by many
Especially God Above

Then circumstances tore away
All of her happy days
She did exactly as she was told
Had to be done perfectly, in every way

She never got to have a child's fun
Work, chores and turmoil is all she knew
She toiled many long hours a day
But, she had her dreams that one day she prayed would come true

She would do as they said to
All of it without a word
But, inside her mind they could not get
So her dreams went unheard

Sister's that were favored over her
They got all they wanted and more
While she, just a baby herself
Scrubbed, cleaned and dreampt some more

She would watch them go
Dressed in Gold and Silver they were
Her in her rags for clothes she thought
That would also be her

The years went by
To her chores she kept
Scrubbing, cleaning, listening to them bicker
Finally with her friends the birds, she sat and bitterly wept

For only once she wanted to go
To a grand ball where the Prince would be
Her dreams through the years
They all included he

She would twirl and dance when she could
While she was alone
Pretending she was dancing with him
The Prince before he married and was gone

Then one night it happened, as once again she wept
Her friends the birds started singing
She looked up and saw her there
In her beautiful gown so gleaming

" You must hurry now" said the one
Who visited her that night
" Must not keep His Majesty waiting "
Rubbing her eyes, she stood up, surely she was losing her sight

It was her Fairy Godmother, she waved her wand
All around her swirled a gown of white
A carriage awaited her
To take her to her most beautiful night

She walked in, there was a hush
That fell upon the crowd
The Price saw this beautiful one
He knew she would be his bride and, wear a Princesses' crown

They danced all night together
Not another did he even see
There was no other now
She was the only one, his Princess she would be

Now you know the story
Of the child who had nothing up to then
This peasent girl married her Prince
And taught us to keep dreaming our dreams
And never give up on them....

©Dana Price

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Robert Wilson said...

This would make a great children's story!