Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dead Or Alive

Dead or Alive?


Autumn is a wondering time

The leaves take turns, and they leave

They drop away, as if to Die

And yet the Tree still Breaths


Before they leave, they let me know

Of their presence, I take for granted

Crimson Red, Fiery Orange, Bright Yellow too

They make their statement “We are not dead “


They sway gently, in the Autumn breeze

And crisp, cool, morning’s dew

They seem to say “look at us now “

“We give this Beauty freely, just for you”


Soon, only the empty branches are left

Standing alone, dormant, empty now

I wonder if they are lonely and, sad

Then they seem to whisper, “Do not fret, you will see again somehow


Beautiful, as they appear

The tree’s leaves, of radiant hue

I think I hear them tell me

“I do this all for you”


I do not understand why

They have to go away, so sad

Then I remember, they do come again

Something beautiful, from what I thought was bad


So for now, in the dawn’s first light

I will watch sadly, as the leaves fall away

Knowing in their seeming Death

Again, they will live in time, have hope, I make myself say


This thing called Nature, which God gave to me

Is Mysterious at best, you see

Just when I think, all is hopelessly Dead

In Springtime it all comes back, in its Beautiful Glory to me.

© Dana Price

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