Sunday, April 21, 2013

Remembering The Dance

I guess somehow I had forgotten
That this day would inevitably come
I suppose somewhere in my heart
I didn't think, or I hoped, these things would never be over, done
The first day you were so scared but
A little excited too
So off to school you went that first day
Yes, some tears fell as I watched you
Then came the stories of the day
The blooming flower, the bee there too
The falling leaves around your feet
The sky a little more blue
I didn't notice as they rushed past
How fast the years were going by
Hours of homework, what's three times two
How did the sun move
And the moon too
Which great person in history
Did what and oh gosh when
What word is that and what does it mean
Oh to have those days back again
How do you spell that word
I want to eat a snack
Those were some of your favorite words
As I sit here alone and look back
All of a sudden I was going to
Track meets and Drama plays you were in
Excelling at everything you have done
I see now, no one would have guessed
That shy little boy
Is in this life to win
Now, today, as I sit here alone
Looking back at all the memories
That are pressed between the pages of my mind and heart
Feeling a bitter sweet kind of joy
One I have never known
And now the wetness, falling from my eyes
Falling harder as I remember everything now
So now that you have turned the page
To a new chapter in your book of life
Walk on my precious one
In peace, happiness, with a smile on your face and in your heart
I know I must let you go now, just a little bit
To close this chapter, move to the next with all its chance
And as a wise man once said
I guess I could have missed this bittersweet pain but
I would have had to, with you, missed this part of life's dance.

I love you Dylan and I am so very proud of the young man you have become.

As you graduate high school now, may you continue to walk with and trust God in everything you do in life....We Did It!

Love Always,


May 2013

© Dana E Price

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