Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Eyes Beheld

I walked alone outside today
Middle of Winter's harsh freeze
I sighed sadly, another Cold Dreary day
Wait, what is this I see

A breathtaking sight overtook my sadness
I couldn't believe my eyes
A beautiful blooming rose
And it was right there in my own yard
A smile within my Heart, overtook my sighs

It almost seemed triumphant
In the Winter's hard cold
Turning its face upward
So confident and bold

It seemed to be trying to tell me
To smile, there is Hope still
Yes my own smile replaced my sadness
Its own life, so full of will

I just stood there in awe of its beauty
Yes, in Winter's cold it could dwell
I felt Hope and Belief in that instant
In that beautiful Bloom, that my eyes beheld.

©Dana Price

All Rights Reserved

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