Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Softness

A Softness

I have known rose petals

Of beauty I cannot describe

They floated around me gently

From side to side

I thought these petals were

Meant only for me alone

Then one day I watched as they

Seemed different, somehow not mine to own

They seemed so soft and caring

T'was love I thought they brought

But I knew when I saw them and that

They seemed to be made of rock

All I wanted was a pureness

A softness I could keep

Tears stung my eyes as

They fell hard around my feet

Instead of softness they had

A hardness I had never seen

In something so beautiful

Yes, the tears did sting

But I know True loving petals

Will never fall so fast and hard

The True loving petals will fall gently

Floating as a soft rain, coming gently toward

That is when I will know Love

The rose will show me true

As petals fall so gently around me

They will be that True gift from You.

©Dana Waldrip-Price


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