Monday, May 25, 2009




I take my stand today and

Some will not agree

But I have grown weary over the weeks

I will push myself No More you see


Have to learn, have never known

How to just say No

Afraid to hurt someone else

But what about Me, I am exhausted so


The Marathon runner even knows

How to pace themselves

But all my life I've done for others

Putting myself on a shelf


Well now it's time for me to fly

To the land I never got to know

Where I can be the Child I never was

Just Peter, Tink, and Me and so


If Never Never Land really doesn't exist

I will make one of my own

With Pegasus as my pilot

We will soar to lands, no one has ever known


Unicorns, Elf’s and Fairies and Me

Will frolic and just play all day

They will run and hide laughing

Knowing I will find them someway


You say I am being silly

Maybe even childish in my thoughts

Then so be it, and I'm glad you can think

I've been to tired to think lately, so maybe I just shouldn't ought


Rest will come when you die some say

Well I don't want it to be now

So I will rest in my own small world

Inside me, everyday somehow


Now those of you who must be adults

Or are supposed to be so

Just don't you worry about me in my far off Land

I'm in Castles, playing with Mystical things you know


What joy it will be, when I can really feel

Them in my Land so far away from here

Pegasus, Elfs, Fairies, and Pixies too

You will wish to also be there


Maybe if you want, when you’re tired too

Maybe I will let you in, take you by the hand

Maybe someday I will let you know

About my

Far Away Land....

©Dana E. Price


Robert Wilson said...

Love the 3rd stanza. Very powerful stuff!

Ravin said...

Thanks hon I so appreciate you :)
Lots of Love